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"I realized that if I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes."

~Charles A. Lindbergh



Living up to its tagline, 'Birding in the 21st century,' eBird provides a global platform for professional and amateur birders alike to connect and record bird sightings. Launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, all bird sightings are easily collected and the data presented in graphs, charts, and maps, showing hotspots, tracking species, and predicting migratory patterns. Bird sightings can be explored by species, by birder, by location, and more; click here to see bird sightings recorded in DuPage County! Sign up for your own free account to begin recording bird sightings and get the most out of this great birding resource.


Bird Occurence Map example from eBird:

The map to the right is a visual representation of national Dickcissel sightings over the 2008 year. Beginning with very few and ending the same way, the numbers swell Northwards in the summer months to encompass a large area of the South and the Midwest where the bird breeds. At the end of summer, the Dickcissel flies south back to Central and South America, where it winters. Visit eBird.org's list of occurence maps to find similar maps for other species!


Library Resources

Following is a small sample of our collections on the subject:

On Ornithology:

The Birds of North America, issued jointly by: American Ornithologists' Union, and: Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1992-1999; by: the American Ornithologists' Union, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, and the Academy of Natural Sciences, 2000-2002.

Birds: The Art of Ornithology, by Jonathan Elphick, 2005

A Birder's Guide to the Chicago Region, by Lynne Carpenter and Joel Greenberg 1999

The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, The Wilson Ornithological Society 2006-


From Our Special Collections:

American Ornithology, or The Natural History of the Birds of the United States, by Alexander Wilson 1832

The Ornithology of Illinois: Descriptive Catalogue, by Robert Ridgway 1889-1895


Readers' Advisory

If you are interested in Ornithology, check out the resources we have on renowned ornithologists Alexander Wilson and John James Audubon, or our more specific collections on hummingbirdscranes, or the birds of Illinois.


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