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Tales and Treasures - Our current exhibit in the Sterling Morton Library will close on Saturday, September 13. Our next exhibit, Plant Hunters, will open on Tuesday, October 7. Plant Hunters will explore the practice and history of plant exploration and collecting. 

Tales & Treasures Exhibit

In 2013, the Sterling Morton Library turned 50! To celebrate this auspicious anniversary, our current exhibit, Tales and Treasures, showcases 50 rare and unique objects from our collections, each with a special story to tell. Displays of rarely seen objects, interactive games, and a library-wide scavenger hunt will engage visitors of all ages in the rich legacy of the Sterling Morton Library. After exploring, visitors will be invited to imagine what the next 50 years might hold for this and other libraries!

The exhibit is free with Arboretum admissionOpen during library hours: Tuesday-Friday from 9-5 and Saturday from 10-4. 


Learn about a new treasure from our exhibit every Thursday on our Facebook page!

Listen to and watch the tales of four special treasures currently on display in our exhibit!


World's Fair Gardens

PREVIOUS EXHIBIT - ended March 2013

We often remember World's Fairs for their iconic exhibits and architecture.  More importantly perhaps, and certainly more enduring, are the green spaces underfoot.  World's Fairs not only shaped landscape design in the United States, but also introduced significant innovations in horticulture.  This exhibit was based on the book, World's Fair Gardens: Shaping American Landscapes by Cathy Jean Maloney, and used artifacts from the authors personal collection to tell this story.


Check our online catalog to see if this book is available to check out at The Sterling Morton Library!