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Amenities and accessibility

Visitor pushing a stroller on the accessible walkway near the Visitor Center
Amenities at The Morton Arboretum include buildings, paved garden trails, and restrooms that are accessible to strollers and wheelchairs. The Visitor Center provides food, shopping, and seating, and there are additional visitor stations, parking, and restrooms elsewhere on the grounds.


All buildings and paved garden paths and trails are accessible to strollers and wheelchairs. You will find paved garden paths throughout the Children's Garden, Four Seasons Garden, Fragrance Garden, Ground Cover Garden, and Herb Garden.

Paved trails include Meadow Lake Trail, Conifer Walk, Joy Path, Big Rock Visitor Station, and the Prairie Visitor Station. A limited number of wheelchairs and strollers are available at the Visitor Center. (Strollers are $3.) Acorn Express, our open-air tram, is an accessible vehicle and operates from April through November; call 630-968-0074 for details.

To read our committment to web accessibility, visit our Accessibility Statement.

Drinking water

Water fountains are available in the Visitor Center (East and West Pavilions), Thornhill Education Center (limited hours), Administration & Research Center (limited hours), and the Thornhill Shelter. Make sure you have an adequate water supply before starting your hike.


To aid exploration of the Arboretum, there are many small parking lots available on the side of the road. These parking lots are labeled by number and can be identified easily on the Arboretum maps.


You will find restrooms in the Visitor Center (East and West Pavilions), Children's Garden, Thornhill Education Center (limited hours), Administration & Research Center (limited hours), Big Rock Visitor Station (portable facility), Prairie Visitor Station (portable facility), and the Thornhill Shelter. The restrooms in the Visitor Center include family stations. All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Visitor Center

The Visitor Center boasts a permanent exhibit enticing visitors to explore seasonal delights. The center also houses The Arboretum Store, Ginkgo Restaurant and Café, Information Desk, Member Services Desk, and areas of both outdoor and indoor seating. The center also provides a station to recharge phones.


Interactive elements of Illumination include huggable trees, microphones for singing, hand cranks, and push buttons. Nearly all of these elements are located adjacent to the paved trail; the huggable trees are located near the paved trail, but in an area with a woodchipped ground surface. Learn more