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  • The Morton Arboretum Completes Lighting Upgrade, Reduces Energy Consumption

    As part of its continued commitment to sustainability, The Morton Arboretum has completed an LED lighting upgrade throughout its buildings. This upgrade was made possible by a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (ICECF).
  • Registration Open for 8th International Oak Society Conference

    June 10, 2015 The Morton Arboretum will welcome renowned researchers from around the world as the 8th International Oak Society Conference convenes Oct. 18-Oct. 21. Presenters will discuss the latest information on research, management, ethnobotany and conservation of oaks, many of which are keystone species in ecosystems, streetscapes, and gardens around the world.
  • Plant Health Care Report issue 2015-6

    The scouting report of The Morton Arboretum for June 12, 2015.
  • Travel The Continent With The Morton Arboretum's Passport Europe Festival

    June 9, 2015

    Cross the pond to experience the fascinating cultures and long-held traditions of Europe at The Morton Arboretum’s Passport Europe Summer Festival, Saturday, June 20 and Sunday, June 21.

  • Growing Degree Day (GDD) update, June 5, 2015

    Plant Health Care Report Growing Degree Day update for June 5, 2015.
  • Brilliance In Bloom Dinner Party Raises More Than $300,000 For Programs Of The Arboretum

    On Saturday, May 16, The Morton Arboretum welcomed nearly 450 guests to the Brilliance in Bloom Dinner Party in support of the institution’s tree-focused work.
  • New Report Offers Strategies To Help Botanical Gardens Strengthen Conservation Value of Collections

    With more than 8,000 tree species threatened with extinction, an urgent need exists for botanical gardens to protect threatened trees in dedicated conservation collections. A new report published in the July issue of the international conservation journal Oryx offers strategies and guidelines to help botanical gardens strengthen the conservation value of their tree collections.
  • Plant Health Care Report issue 2015-5

    The scouting report of The Morton Arboretum for May 29, 2015.
  • Father's Day gift guide

    This Father’s Day, find a gift dad will love at The Arboretum Store, which features hundreds of distinctive, nature-themed items.
  • Five tips for new plant care

    So, you’ve finished your spring plantings of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Now it’s time to care for them so they get a good start.
  • Plant Health Care Report GDD update May 22, 2015

    Growing Degree update for May 22, 2015.
  • Plant Health Care Report issue 2015-4

    The scouting report of The Morton Arboretum for May 15, 2015.
  • Plant Health Care Report GDD update May 8, 2015

    Plant Health Care Report Growing Degree Day update for May 8, 2015.
  • Threatened Trees Take The Spotlight As The Morton Arboretum Hosts Weekend Of Special Events

    The Morton Arboretum is recognizing Endangered Species Day, Friday, May 15, and Plant Conservation Day, Monday, May 18, with four days of specially-themed activities and programs.

    Each spring, trees, shrubs, bulbs and wildflowers bloom throughout the The Morton Arboretum’s 1,700 acres. Ed Hedborn, Manager of Plant Records, reports on what’s blooming each week throughout the season. For the latest updates on what’s blooming at the Arboretum, call the Bloom 'n Color Hotline at 630-719-7955.
  • New study from The Morton Arboretum reveals Chicagoans' take on trees

    Chicago and its seven surrounding counties have more than 150 million trees – trees that make our communities healthier, more sustainable and more beautiful. Yet Chicago-area trees are under threat, with one of every five parkway trees likely to soon be destroyed by the emerald ash borer beetle.
  • Plant Health Care Report issue 2015-3

    The Scouting Report of The Morton Arboretum for May 1, 2015.
  • The Morton Arboretum celebrates Arbor Day 2015

    This year, The Morton Arboretum celebrated its signature holiday, Arbor Day, with a host of exciting events.
  • How to be a tree champion

    Trees need champions every day. How can you stand up for trees? Here are some concrete suggestions for how you can help the trees in your yard, your neighborhood, and your community.