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  • The Woodland Stewardship Program schools volunteers to interact with nature in a way that is both meaningful and sustainable.
  • Tree House Tales features great stories, and yes, lots of history.
  • Aren’t tree houses supposed to be in trees?
  • By the time symptoms are obvious, borers may have been at work on a tree for months or years and it may be too late to stop them. Treating while an ash tree still seems healthy may forestall an infestation.
  • Where did the emerald ash borer come from? Listen to this podcast on which Andrea Dierich, Forest Pest Outreach and Survey Project Coordinator at The Morton Arboretum, explains about the origins and life cycle of this insect and how it destroys ash trees.
  • If you have an ash tree, it’s time to make a decision about whether to try to save it from emerald ash borer infestation with insecticide treatments. The Arboretum has a new brochure for homeowners and a new guide for communities on how to deal with this insect scourge attacking one of our most common trees.
  • Scientists explore new ways to save trees.
  • From space shuttles to trees, scientists find a new application for imaging technology. Some of the first scientific work with the kind of imaging system used at the Arboretum was done in the 1950s with US reconnaissance photos to measure changing conditions on the ground.
  • Researchers from France, England and Germany participate in the research.
  • A team of Arboretum scientists worked side by side with NASA researchers in a unique weeklong experiment using space shuttle technology to detect stress and damage in trees.
  • See if this is happening to the ash trees on your property.
  • Embrace this colorful season with activities for the whole family.
  • See how glass becomes art in a dazzling video. Meet and greet artists Saturday and Sunday while you browse for the perfect pumpkin.