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  • The Community Trees Program supports towns, parks, school districts, community groups, and individuals in caring for the urban forest.
  • Kunso Kim, head of collections and curator, suggests you consider these different approaches.
    Selective pruning: To shape the shrub or control its size somewhat, go branch by branch, choosing the branches you want to keep and removing those that are too long, superfluous or causing a tangle. Using sharp, clean pruners, prune just above the place where one stem branches off from another; don’t cut in the middle of a branch between joints, which will cause bristly, unsightly growth.
  • Late winter is an excellent time to prune shrubs and trees, while they are safely dormant.
  • Force branches of flowering shrubs indoors for an early shot of spring bloom.
  • Maples are one of the most prominent trees in any Midwestern landscape, certainly on our grounds here at The Morton Arboretum.
  • The new Crescendo sugar maple from Chicagoland Grows® could make an excellent replacement for ash trees lost to emerald ash borer.
  • Never mind the cold: Arb staff offer five tips for the best winter workout clothes designed to make outdoor exercise as comfortable as possible.
  • Learn more about how plants from China have entered our gardens and how plants are responding to climate change.
  • Advance preparation is key to having a tree you can plant outdoors after the holiday.
  • A family-fun trip to the tree farm goes best with this advice.
  • ‘China Snow’ tree lilac shows how long journeys can lead to good trees.
  • Trees brought back from China find a home on the Arboretum’s grounds.
  • Intrepid collectors have brought plants from around the globe to the Arboretum and your garden.
  • The Ginkgo Restaurant’s new composting initiative results in a significant reduction of garbage output.
  • Arboretum Facebook fans write about their favorite spots surrounded by 1,700 acres of trees.
  • A layer of mulch can insulate and improve the soil.
  • A tribute bench is a great way to honor a special friend or family member.
  • Arboretum Facebook fans write about friendships and love celebrated under the 1,700-acre canopy of trees.
  • Wind up this year’s garden and get a start on next year’s.
  • Now, at the end of the growing season, is the best opportunity to assess your garden and plan ahead as you do your last garden chores.