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  • The Alchemy of Glass Blowing

    See how glass becomes art in a dazzling video. Meet and greet artists Saturday and Sunday while you browse for the perfect pumpkin.
  • Meet Shannon Morgan

    During the last few months, while the rest of the country was sweltering in triple-digit heat indexes, Shannon Jane Morgan was just fine working in quadruple-digit temperatures. That’s because the Sacramento Calif.-based Morgan is a glass artist and glass only becomes malleable at about 2,000 degrees. But then, that’s why Morgan’s glass art retains its luminous quality.
  • The Glass Pumpkins are Coming!

    The Glass Pumpkin Patch returns October 15 to 19, featuring 3,000 hand-blown glass pumpkins crafted by local artisans. One-of-a-kind creations in captivating colors with iridescent accents are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving and for display all year round.