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Arbor Day at The Morton Arboretum

Celebrate Arbor Week at The Morton Arboretum
Arbor Day is The Morton Arboretum's signature holiday. In Illinois, the last Friday of April is Arbor Day, a special day set aside to plant, care for, and honor trees. Arbor Day is celebrated around the world on a variety of dates. learn more


Arbor Day weekend celebration 2015

As the champion of trees, we have an exciting lineup of events to celebrate trees and their importance to our world! Celebrate Arbor Day weekend, April 24-26, 2015. learn more


Arbor Day history

The Morton Arboretum has a special connection to Arbor Day because the day was proposed in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton, the father of the Arboretum's founder, Joy Morton.  LEARN MORE   


Arbor Day in the classroom

We also help teachers, students, scout troops, community groups, and municipalities celebrate Arbor Day in the classroom in April or any time with tree tagging kits for discovering the value of trees, Tree Census lesson plans, and other support.  LEARN MORE   


Champion of trees

Trees need champions today. That's why The Morton Arboretum is committed to scientifically informed action, both locally and globally. Join us as a champion of trees. LEARN MORE


Arbor Day in your community

Celebrating Arbor Day is a great way to bring together your community, school, neighborhood or family. learn more