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Tree House Tales

Come explore Tree House Tales at The Morton Arboretum, where you'll enter a magical village of 6 whimsical tree house structures.

Learn about the vital roles trees play in our lives in a way that engages the imagination. Make believe and dream up new chapters in trees' ever-changing stories.

Dogwood Doghouse

Who let the dogs out? Not these trees...they are actually named for something else. Here's your clue: use it to roast food (meats, veggies, and yes, marshmallows) over a campfire. At the Dogwood Doghouses, you're invited to scramble around, wag your tail, and enjoy life as a dog.

White Oak Cabin

White oak trees are solid and strong—just like American pioneers. Find out all the amazing things settlers made from this important tree. At the White Oak Cabin, pretend to be a pioneer out on the open prairie and get ready to settle the American frontier.

Silver Maple Factory

Trees can't go to the grocery store to buy food... but they ARE the grocery store for millions of other organisms. Learn how trees make sugar out of sunlight, and how they and other plants feed the world. At the Silver Maple Factory, discover the hidden life of a tree. Turn a crank to see how water moves up from the roots and is transformed into nutrients for the tree.

Bur Oak Clubhouse

Ever wonder why bur oaks are the kings of the prairie? Discover why bur oaks reign supreme, and how they bar other trees from their territory. At the Bur Oak Clubhouse, enjoy the handmade, hideaway feel—and don't forget to come in by the secret entrance!

Empress Tree Castle

This tree was named for a real princess. Can you guess who? Come learn about this young future queen and her powerful family. Enter the Empress Tree Castle by the drawbridge (avoid the dragon in the moat!) or storm the castle by the ladder and climb to the tower.

White Pine Ship

American colonists weren't just angry about tea. What tree did they stop exporting to England and why? On the White Pine Ship, climb up a rope ladder, explore the multi-level platforms, and imagine yourself on the open seas on a ship with a lofty white pine mast.

Sara Lee is a contributing Sponsor of Tree House Tales