Undergraduate Research Fellows Blog

  • A Tweety Bird magnet stuck to the side of a cabinet
    Not all lab equipment is as high-tech as you might think. Sometimes the most random-seeming household object winds up being one of your most useful tools.
  • Graduated cylinders, field notebook, and buckets set up against a tree pot
    Repetition is an essential component of scientific experimentation--if you want reliable and useful results! Read about Kirsten's joys and woes on this important, but trying matter.
  • A metal statue of a frog sitting in a crosslegged position in the middle of a small circular pond surrounded by bright green grass
    There is always unpredictability in science. This summer, it is most evident in the unpredictability of the weather. Yet, I am still finding ways to push forwards towards the ever approaching end goal.
  • Green forest with lots of trees and other plants.
    “The most important thing I know about science is that experiments are not about getting the world to do what you want it to do.”
  • A frog sculpture in front of Morton Arboretum Administration Building
    A quick introduction to me (Kasey Pham) and the Arboretum's stupendous Systematics Lab, for those who've ever wondered what it is that we study in the Herbarium on the third floor of the Admin building.
  • A field notebook page, with a circular tube with a QR code stuck to it and an open space in the East Woods in the background
    This past week and a half has been full on! I have been diving head first into the depths of my project, which is both exciting and exhausting. It seems as though the deeper you get, the more questions you have.
  • Pages of pressed plant specimens from the herbarium
    I spent some time looking through the history in the herbarium. It was so interesting to see how different individual plants of the same species can be. Also, some are much, MUCH older than I had expected!
  • Research fellow pouring chemicals into beakers, wearing safety goggles.
    During my third week at the arboretum I got to work on a few different projects. For your entertainment, I have summarized these projects into short poems.
  • A pile of journal article papers
    Science builds on itself to keep moving forward over time. To make sure I'm helping move science forward too, I've been reading a lot of previously published scientific articles!
  • A picture of several broadleaf trees surrounded by bright green grass on a sunny day
    This blog post will be primarily dedicated to giving you an overview of my project including how it can potentially help us understand the ramifications of climate change over time.

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