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  • Assessing plug survivorship by assigning each plant in the plot, on the paper grid, with a number that correlates to their condition.
    We are nearing the end of the summer and data collection is beginning to come to a close. This means data analysis is right around the corner and I am not ready to take it head on. The challenges I am going to face will be mighty, but I have hope that with the help of my advisers and peers, I will reach my end goal.
  • I went collecting in Kansas and CANADA! But now I'm back in the office for a couple of weeks.
  • Undergraduate researcher Sam Panock using a needle to inject nutrient solution into a syringe holding roots to measure root exudation.
    A main portion of my research this summer is analyzing root exudation. This analysis measures the amount of carbon put into the soil by the tree roots. It is an important below ground process that contributes to overall soil health and tree health.
  • Five Mongolian Oak leaves laid out side-by-side on top of a white paper, with two rulers lined up next to the leaves on the bottom and to the right.
    My research project has undergone major changes in the past two weeks, and I have learned a lot about trees and about research in general. In this blog, I talk about what the process of establishing a research question has taught me.
  • View of the canopy from a seedlings perspective, sugar maple seedlings.
    An introduction to me, Katie McGee, and my project!
  • Looking up the trunks of white pine trees and into the canopy.
    My office is the great outdoors. The view from my "desk" is the beautiful clear blue skies and bright green leaves of the trees. The fresh air keeps me energized as I wonder the forest collecting soil samples and analyzing root systems.
  • Selfie of Samantha Panock in the field on a rainy day
    The summer'17 undergraduate research fellowship has been underway for almost a month now, and I am excited to share all my struggles, discoveries, and accomplishments! Stay Tuned.
  • A bright yellow tape measure against the green of the forest floor

    Hello everyone!

  • All of our field gear in the back of our car
    Learn about my project and first few collecting trips

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