science communication

Forest going through succession, many aspen growing tightly together
Do you want to build a forest? Well, I'm here to give you the recipe in 8 simple steps. It will require a lot of ecological succession, or change over time. We'll start with a disaster. Perhaps a fiery tornado has torn through the land and nothing remains, or maybe you want a forest on a lava flow. The first step is to allow primary successors to colonize the land. These are the things that can live on seemingly nothing, think lichen. Then perennials will move in, annuals, small trees, and soon enough you'll have a forest!
Undergraduate students standing together after presenting their research
The Morton Arboretum hosted the 2017 Center for Tree Science Undergraduate Research Symposium on Wednesday, August 16th.
Talking to Trees: Learning Science Communication at the Arboretum
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Interns from 3 Chicago botanical institutions gather near the Hedge Collection
On July 28th, the Center for Tree Science -Undergraduate Research Fellows welcomed research interns from the Field Museum and Chicago Botanic Garden.
A large brick building behind a beautiful tall tree.

Hello, everyone! My name is Melissa, and over the course of the summer I have been working with the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (otherwise known as CRTI) as a Science and Conservation Communication Intern.