A graph of jagged rainbow lines

When I started this summer, I treated gathering my data as the end goal. Like the “X” marking the treasure on a map, I assumed that if I could just get all the data - collect all the samples, measure all the ring widths, cross-date all the trees - that everything else would fall into place.

A plot of Pin oaks surrounded by tall grass
Hello everyone! I can not believe my ten weeks are done, and that this is my last day at the Arboretum. While here, I have learned so much, and not just about my own project.
Thanks for a wonderful summer everyone!
I am categorizing the liatris plants based on their quality into a white binder for later data analysis

I am the only undergraduate research fellow to be studying something other than trees at the Morton Arboretum. At first, I felt proud. I worked in a prairie last summer, so to have the opportunity to work in a prairie again, while conducting research, was exciting. However, as time passed, I felt like the odds were against me. Prairie restoration is a lot of work. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into the process of maintaining the prairie.

Me, standing behind a podium, in front of a presentation.
Hi everyone! Welcome to my fifth and final blog post. Please enjoy these pictures that were taken throughout my time here.
An aerial photograph of the Advanced Photon Source facility
On July 17th, Undergraduate Research Fellows visited the Argonne National Laboratory, a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center.
The Morton Arboretum Interns gather outside of Union Station
On July 12th, Undergraduate Research Fellows were invited to learn about the research being conducted by interns at the Field Museum.
Learn about what I have been up to these past few weeks.
A yellow bee poised in front of a dark hole in the bark of tree

While measuring and dating (or matching a year to each tree ring) the oak cores I collected earlier in the summer, I noticed an abundance of ring anomalies that aren’t supposed to be common in oaks.

A collage of five different tubes containing various liquids.
Hi again! In this blog, I talk about the trials and tribulations I have faced during the data collection process.

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