Undergraduate students standing together after presenting their research
The Morton Arboretum hosted the 2017 Center for Tree Science Undergraduate Research Symposium on Wednesday, August 16th.
Me, standing behind a podium, in front of a presentation.
Hi everyone! Welcome to my fifth and final blog post. Please enjoy these pictures that were taken throughout my time here.
Interns from 3 Chicago botanical institutions gather near the Hedge Collection
On July 28th, the Center for Tree Science -Undergraduate Research Fellows welcomed research interns from the Field Museum and Chicago Botanic Garden.
An aerial photograph of the Advanced Photon Source facility
On July 17th, Undergraduate Research Fellows visited the Argonne National Laboratory, a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center.
The Morton Arboretum Interns gather outside of Union Station
On July 12th, Undergraduate Research Fellows were invited to learn about the research being conducted by interns at the Field Museum.
A collage of five different tubes containing various liquids.
Hi again! In this blog, I talk about the trials and tribulations I have faced during the data collection process.
A golden yellow slug contrasted against dark wet wood

These past few weeks, dear readers, have been an exercise in persistence. I’ve spent the better part of my time recently doing intensely repetitive work.

Boxes of collection tubes alongside a beaker filled with more tubes and a row of bottles.
Hi again! I'm currently in the process of collecting samples and running experiments, but I took a break to talk about plant pathology and the role it plays in my project.
Undergraduate researcher Sam Panock is being filmed by a camera man while completing lab work,
Summer is half over! This past week was my last week in the field collecting soil and root samples for all of my tree species. Luckily the last fun moments in the field were caught on camera.
Five Mongolian Oak leaves laid out side-by-side on top of a white paper, with two rulers lined up next to the leaves on the bottom and to the right.
My research project has undergone major changes in the past two weeks, and I have learned a lot about trees and about research in general. In this blog, I talk about what the process of establishing a research question has taught me.

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