Blog Author : Mackenzie Coden

  • A Tweety Bird magnet stuck to the side of a cabinet
    Not all lab equipment is as high-tech as you might think. Sometimes the most random-seeming household object winds up being one of your most useful tools.
  • Pages of pressed plant specimens from the herbarium
    I spent some time looking through the history in the herbarium. It was so interesting to see how different individual plants of the same species can be. Also, some are much, MUCH older than I had expected!
  • A pile of journal article papers
    Science builds on itself to keep moving forward over time. To make sure I'm helping move science forward too, I've been reading a lot of previously published scientific articles!
  • A crowded lab bench on one half, a forest landscape on the other
    Hello! I'm Mackenzie, one of the research fellows. This summer I’m working on a project that lets me combine everything I’m interested in - no need to choose “or”!