Blog Author : Kasey Pham

  • A person with a bored expression at a desk, using a drawing tablet and laptop.
    (Part 3 of 3) I finish up talking about my project with a post about why computers are important to my project, and why they're important to me.
  • A mug that reads "The Morton Arboretum" in front of a laptop
    (Part 2 of 3) Continuing my explanation of my project, this time I'm breaking down my research question in more detail, with my usual cheesy diagrams.
  • My primary research question for this summer and a bit of the background information necessary to understand it. (Part 1 of 3)
  • A frog sculpture in front of Morton Arboretum Administration Building
    A quick introduction to me (Kasey Pham) and the Arboretum's stupendous Systematics Lab, for those who've ever wondered what it is that we study in the Herbarium on the third floor of the Admin building.