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Tree and plant descriptions

  • Madison White Satin™ birch

    Betula 'Madison'
    White Satin™ birch, a Chicagoland Grows® introduction, provides beautiful white bark and good resistance to the bronze birch borer (BBB). The hybrid offers good yellow fall color.
  • Magnolia

    Magnolias are among the most beautiful and popular landscape plants. While their principal attraction is spectacular large flowers, magnolias also offer homeowners a variety of sizes, forms, and textures from smaller shrub-like plants to large specimen trees. Although there are a number of magnolias that have proven hardy in our area, only a handful of varieties are commonly planted.
  • Magnolia hybrids

    Magnolia hybrids
    Magnolias are among the most beautiful and popular landscape plants. A number of hybrid magnolias have been developed to provide a wider range of sizes, shapes and floral characteristics. Some of the more common hybrids and their cultivars are presented here.
  • Maidenhair fern

    Adiantum pedatum
    Maidenhair fern is a unique, airy fern with fan-shaped fronds growing around a horseshoe-shaped stem.
  • Manchurian lilac

    Syringa patula
    Manchurian lilac is known mainly for the cultivar 'Miss Kim'. Wonderfully fragrant lilac flowers that fade to light pink in spring. The ruffled foliage turns a purple-red fall color. More resistant to powdery mildew than other lilacs.
  • Maple-leaved viburnum

    Viburnum acerifolium
    Plant advice from The Morton Arboretum: Maple-leaved viburnum is a spreading shrub that prefers shade to part sun, making it a great option for naturalizing in shady areas. Creamy-white, flat-topped flowers in May, black fruit in fall, persisting into winter, and excellent pink to dark burgundy fall color add year-round interest.
  • Marmo Freeman maple

    Acer x freemanii 'Marmo'
    This Chicagoland Grows® introduction has a beautiful mix of fall color, displaying a mottled blend of red and green to burgundy and yellow.
  • Meserve Holly

    Ilex x meserveae
    The Merserve hollies are hybrids that do well in northern climates like the Chicago region. Dark, lustrous blue-green leaves are evergreen and spiny. Like all hollies, there are separate male and female plants and both must be planted for the female plant to produce the showy fruit.
  • Meyer Lilac

    Syringa meyeri
    Plant advice from The Morton Arboretum: Unlike most lilacs, Meyer lilac is fairly resistant to powdery mildew. That resistance, coupled with profuse flowering make this an excellent choice for the landscape.
  • Miyabe's maple

    Acer miyabei
    Wide branches that sweep low to the ground and deeply furrowed, corky bark are among the charms of this densely branched shade tree. Though Miyabe’s maple is listed as endangered in its native habitat in Japan, several cultivars are considered hardy, adaptable urban street trees. The dark green leaves turn golden in fall.