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Tree and plant descriptions

  • Lily of the valley

    Convallaria majalis
    Lily-of-the-valley is an old-fashioned, shade-loving ground cover reaching 6 to 8 inches tall. In mid-spring many bell-shaped, waxy white flowers appear on an erect stalk.
  • Limber pine

    Pinus flexilis
    This under-used pine, native to the western United States, is more tolerant of alkaline soils than the Eastern white pine. The dark blue green needles help this tree stand out in the landscape.
  • Little bluestem

    Schizachyrium scoparium (syn. Andropogon scoparius)
    Little bluestem is a prairie grass native to Illinois. It is shorter than many prairie grasses, growing only 2 to 4 feet tall. It is prized for its small fluffy seed heads and good fall color.
  • Little-leaved linden

    Tilia cordata
    Little-leaved linden is a great shade tree for lawns or parkway plantings in urban settings due to its ability to withstand polluted environments. It has shiny dark green leaves that turn a clear yellow in fall, and in summer it has dangling, fragrant pale yellow flowers. This tree is prone to attack by Japanese beetles.
  • Loebner's magnolia

    Magnolia x loebneri
    This hybrid magnolia has excellent hardiness and a beautiful display of white flowers.
  • London planetree

    Platanus x acerifolia
    London planetree is a hybrid resulting from a cross between the native sycamore and the non-native oriental planetree. Like sycamore, this is a large tree with beautiful peeling bark.
  • Madison White Satin™ birch

    Betula 'Madison'
    White Satin™ birch, a Chicagoland Grows® introduction, provides beautiful white bark and good resistance to the bronze birch borer (BBB). The hybrid offers good yellow fall color.
  • Magnolia

    Magnolias are among the most beautiful and popular landscape plants. While their principal attraction is spectacular large flowers, magnolias also offer homeowners a variety of sizes, forms, and textures from smaller shrub-like plants to large specimen trees. Although there are a number of magnolias that have proven hardy in our area, only a handful of varieties are commonly planted.
  • Magnolia hybrids

    Magnolia hybrids
    Magnolias are among the most beautiful and popular landscape plants. A number of hybrid magnolias have been developed to provide a wider range of sizes, shapes and floral characteristics. Some of the more common hybrids and their cultivars are presented here.
  • Maidenhair fern

    Adiantum pedatum
    Maidenhair fern is a unique, airy fern with fan-shaped fronds growing around a horseshoe-shaped stem.