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Maze Garden

Mazes have stimulated imagination and have figured in myth and legend throughout history. The one-acre Maze Garden at The Morton Arboretum offers an adventure for young and old alike. Try to find your way through this living puzzle. Every adventure is different: The maze changes from season to season.

Maze Garden at The Morton ArboretumMaze Garden at The Morton Arboretum

If you’d rather watch from above, climb the stairs to a 12-foot high lookout platform built around a stunning 60-foot tall sycamore tree. There, you'll enjoy a bird's-eye view of family and friends as they navigate the maze.

A toddler maze offers a mini-challenge to the youngest of Arboretum visitors.

A-Maze-ing Quest

Meander the twists and turns of The Morton Arboretum’s Maze Garden while solving clues about the surrounding trees and plants.  
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