Scientists and staff

The Morton Arboretum’s scientists are distinguished researchers in fields related to the biology, planting, care, and conservation of trees. Working with collaborators from around the world, they present their findings to public and professional audiences, through conferences, prestigious scientific journals, and presentations throughout the community. Arborists, horticulturists, landscape designers, natural area stewards, public officials, and home gardeners all benefit from their knowledge and expertise. The Arboretum’s research programs all support its basic mission: to encourage the planting and conservation of trees and other plants for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.






Chuck Cannon, PhD, Director of the Center for Tree Science

Nicole Cavender, PhD, Vice President of Science and Conservation

Andrew Hipp, PhD, Senior Scientist, Plant Systematist, and Herbarium Curator

Sean Hoban, PhD, Tree Conservation Biologist

Meghan Midgley, PhD, Soil Ecologist

Jason W. Miesbauer, PhD, Arboriculture Scientist

Christine Rollinson, PhD, Forest Ecologist

Jessica B. Turner-Skoff, PhD, 'Treeologist', Science Communication

Gary Watson, PhD, Lead Scientist, Arboriculture

Murphy Westwood, PhD, Director of Global Tree Conservation



Catherine Bechtoldt, MS, Science and Conservation Program Manager

Frank Balestri, MS, Plant Health Care Technician/Arboriculture Research Assistant

Tricia Bethke, Community Trees Outreach Specialist

Emily Beckman, Tree Conservation Research Assistant

Christine Carrier, MS, Center for Tree Science Research Assistant II

Michelle Catania, MS, Soil Science Research Assistant II

Beth Corrigan, Community Trees Program Specialist

Melissa Custic, MS, Chicago Region Trees Initiative Coordinator

Audrey Denvir, MS, Tree Conservation Project Coordinator, Latin America

Kurt Dreisilker, MS, Head of Natural Resources

Drew Duckett, MS, Tree Conservation Biology/Forest Ecology Research Assistant I

Mary-Claire Glasenhardt, Prairie Restoration Research Assistant

Marlene Hahn, M.Ed, Research and Herbarium Assistant II

Diana Jerome, Tree Conservation Research Aide

Chai-Shian Kua, PhD, Tree Conservation Project Coordinator (Asia Region)

Marvin Lo, Arboriculture Research Assistant I

Kate Lueders, Research Aide

Andrea Miller, Research and Herbarium Assistant I

Frederic Miller, PhD, Senior Scientist, Entomologist and Professor, Joliet Junior College

Emily Okallau, MS, Community Trees Project Coordinator

Sue Paist, ArbNet Coordinator

Catherine (Lane) Scher, Tree Science Research Assistant I

Lydia Scott, Director of the Chicago Region Trees Initiative



Stephanie Adams, MS, Plant Health Care Research Specialist, Graduate Student, University of Florida, Gainesville

Timothy J. Bell, PhD, Center for Tree Science Fellow, Plant Community Ecology and Conservation Biology, Professor of Botany, Chicago State University

Robert T. Fahey, PhD, Center for Tree Science Fellow, Forest Ecology, Assistant Professor, Forest Ecology and Management, University of Connecticut

Bryant C. Scharenbroch, PhD, Center for Tree Science Fellow, Urban Soil Science, Assistant Professor, Soil and Waste Resources, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point