Research program areas

For each project, a brief description is given with the names of the lead staff members and collaborators. Names with no institutional affiliation indicate Arboretum staff; names of external collaborators have their affiliations in parentheses.

Publications are given in each program area section. Author names in bold indicate current Arboretum staff and research associates. Many of the publications are journal articles that can be found online. The staff of the Arboretum’s Sterling Morton Library also can help with access to Arboretum publications.

Tree care and improvement

Tree health and longevity in urban landscapes with emphasis on selection, establishment, and care. Learn more

Dynamics of forested ecosytems

Structural changes, processes, and patterns of wooded ecosystems in response to natural and anthropogenic activities. learn more

Urban forests and ecosystem services

Urban forest ecosystems and the services they provide to cities and suburbs. learn more

Genetics and biodiversity

Understanding tree and plant diversity at a wide range of ecological scales requires an understanding of genetic diversity, taxonomic diversity, and the diversity of plant form and function. learn more

Plant community ecology and conservation biology

Understanding the distribution and assembly of native plant communities of the Chicago region, their change over time, and their response to management techniques is essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems in the region. learn more

Restoration ecology and natural resource management

The study and practice of restoring ecosystems and managing land for long-term sustainability and diversity. learn more