Global trees conservation - Publications

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Recent publications from The Morton Arboretum’s work on global trees conservation.  Links to online abstracts are given where available.  The staff of the Arboretum’s Sterling Morton Library also can help with access.

Peer-reviewed articles (2004-2014)

Cavender, N., M. Westwood, C. Bechtoldt, G. Donnelly, S. Oldfield, M. Gardner, D. Rae, and W. McNamara. In press. Strengthening the conservation value of ex situ tree conservation. Oryx.

Books, reports, proceedings, and popular publications (2004-2014)

Donnelly, G., N. Cavender, S. Oldfield, W. McNamara, M. Gardner, D. Rae. 2013. Strengthening the conservation value of tree collections for ex situ conservation. Proceedings of the 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, Dunedin, New Zealand.