Saving endangered trees

Saving Endangered Trees Saving Endangered Trees

The Morton Arboretum works to conserve trees and their habitats worldwide, at a time when it is estimated that 10 percent of all tree species are threatened with extinction and 1,000 species are considered critically endangered. The Arboretum aims to play a leading role in saving endangered trees.

Global Trees Campaign

In partnership with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and other organizations and institutions, the Arboretum is committed to serving a leadership role in support of the Global Trees Campaign.

This major international plant conservation initiative, launched in 1998, is focused on the threats to trees around the world and the need to take urgent action to address their conservation.

Even without a voice, trees manage to speak eloquently to us about the fragile state of our planet. Forests and tree species worldwide are disappearing at an alarming rate. While a number of factors are responsible for this phenomenon, climate change is seen as an enormous threat to tree diversity.

In support of the Global Trees Campaign, The Morton Arboretum is talking to arboreta throughout the United States about how arboreta can play a role in protecting threatened trees and building public awareness and support.

Protecting trees

One way to help preserve a future for tree that are endangered or threatened in their native habitats is to plant  specimens safely in arboretum or public garden collections elsewhere so that their genes are preserved.  The Arboretum has numerous specimens of threatened and endangered species in its collections.

Moving forward, the Arboretum expects to promote opportunities for U.S. arboreta to collect or receive plants that need protection--establishing collections to further ensure their survival as species. The Arboretum has numerous specimens of endangered tree species in its collections.

Arboretum President and CEO Gerard Donnelly hopes that in the future that the Arboretum will have more on-site habitat preservation efforts for trees that may be threatened, as well as encouraging other arboreta to include more globally endangered tree species in their collections.

Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat

Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat is an exhibit at The Morton Arboretum that is also a traveling outdoor exhibit. This unique learning experience takes a compelling look at threatened and endangered trees and the importance of taking action to save them. It was created by The Morton Arboretum in partnership with the Global Trees Campaign and is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. The exhibit is available to public gardens and arboreta and includes many educational resources for educators. LEARN MORE