Restoration Staff

Natural resources staff

The Morton Arboretum has four full-time staff members to manage its more than 900 acres of restored natural woodlands, prairie, and wetlands. They work with the research staff, other staff members and volunteers to implement the science-based restoration and conservation techniques.












Kurt Dreisilker, Head of Natural Resources

Kurt Dreisilker develops and implements management plans for land and water resources in the Arboretum's natural areas, including 900 acres of woodlands, wetlands, and prairies. He leads the Arboretum's ecological restoration efforts, including land-use history research, prescribed burns, invasive species control, native species introductions, hydrological restoration, and volunteer steward training and supervision.

Mark Hochsprung, Natural Resources Supervisor

He supervises the daily activities of the Natural Resources Crew, including staff and volunteers.

Mark McKinney, Natural Resources Technician

His primary responsibilities are to implement various restoration projects in the Arboretum’s woodlands and the Schulenberg Prairie.

Spencer Campbell, Natural Resources Technician

His primary responsibility is for the Arboretum’s six restored wetlands and its detention basins, managing the flow of water, native plantings, and the restoration of wetland and riparian ecosystems.