Center for Tree Science Staff

The Center for Tree Science Collborative Network encompasses scientific collaborators from gardens, universities, industry, and nonprofit organizations.  The scientific output of the Center is shaped by Arboretum staff, Fellows, and Steering Committee, as well as collaborators worldwide.

Arboretum Staff

With full-time research staff in arboriculture, forest ecology, conservation biology, evolution and systematics, just to name a few topics, the Center for Tree Science provides an exciting and engaging place to study trees and everything about them.  Working together as a team on major projects while honing our in-depth knowledge of specialized expertise, our scientists are leading the way towards a greater understanding of trees and how to manage and conserve them.

Silvia Alvarez-Clare, Academic Mentor for Undergraduate Research, Center for Tree Science
Frank Balestri, Arboriculture Research Assistant and Plant Health Care Technician
Catherine Bechtoldt, Science and Conservation Program Manager
Chuck Cannon, Director, Center for Tree Science
Christine E. Carrier, Center for Tree Science Research Assistant II
Michelle N. Catania, Soil Science Research Assistant II
Nicole Cavender, Vice President of Science and Conservation
Lindsay Darling, Chicago Region Trees Initiative GIS and Data Specialist
Drew Duckett, Tree Conservation Biology and Forest Ecology Research Assistant I
Mira Garner, Systematics Research Assistant I
Mary-Claire Glasenhardt, Prairie Restoration Research Assistant
Marlene Hahn, Research and Herbarium Assistant II
Andrew L. Hipp, Senior Scientist in Plant Systematics and Herbarium Curator
Sean Hoban, Tree Conservation Biologist
Chai-Shian Kua, Scientific Liaison, Center for Tree Science; Adjunct Associate Professor, Shanghai-Morton Joint Urban Tree Lab; Global Tree Conservation Coordinator
Marvin Lo, Arboriculture Research Assistant
Matthew Lobdell, Head of Collections and Curator
Meghan Midgley, Soil Ecologist
Jason W. Miesbauer, Arboriculture Scientist
Fredric Miller, Senior Research Scientist - Entomology
Christine Rollinson, Forest Ecologist
Lane Scher, Tree Science Research Assistant
Lydia Scott, Director of the Chicago Region Trees Initiative; Manager of Community Trees Program
Kim Shearer, Tree and Shrub Breeder and Manager of New Plant Development Program
Emma Suzuki Spence, Tree Conservation Biology Research Assistant I
Gary Watson, Lead Scientist, Arboriculture
Murphy Westwood, Director of Global Tree Conservation