Origami in the Garden Audio Tour Transcription

4 colorful origami horses gallop across a field of grass
Click on the links below to read the transcript of each sculpture from the audio tour. Sculptures are listed in the order that they are found on the map. Hear how Kevin and Jennifer Box, along with origami artists Robert J. Lang and Te Jui Fu, describe the motivation behind each piece.


If you wish to hear the original recording featured in the audio tour, call 888-495-7736 and follow the prompts.


 1. Botanical Peace

 2. Basket Full of Stars

3a. Peace Pattern

3b. Butterfly Unfolded, Metamorphosis Mandala 

 4. Seed Sower

 5. Star Unfolding

 6.  Rising Cranes

 7. Gathering Peace

 8. Double Happiness

 9. Spirit House

10. Crane Unfolding

11. Sway with Me

12. Flying Folds

13. Rock Paper Scissors

14. White Bison

15. Painted Ponies

16. Flight of Folds

17. Hero’s Horse

18. Light Boat

19. Folding Planes

20. Emerging Peace

21. Paper Navigators

22. Migrating Peace

23. Who Saw Who

24. Folding Chairs

25. Master Peace