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Who makes Wednesdays, Woods & Wine a success?

Sure, wine, food, and live music set the stage for a perfect event, but it’s the time and work of our volunteers that really bring the show to life. 
Ann Schultz, a five-year volunteer of The Morton Arboretum, spends her Wednesday evenings selling tickets, serving beverages, and overall keeping order at the popular Wednesdays, Woods & Wine (WWW) event. With attendance averaging almost 500 per show, that could feel like a daunting job for someone to handle, but Ann looks forward to the event each week.
“I like to volunteer at activities where I can work with the public,” says Schultz. “I enjoy talking to guests at the Arboretum—especially at events where they have a good time and enjoy their experience. WWW is that type of experience. Guests, volunteers, and even employees are always pretty happy at this event.”
With the summer edition of WWW in full swing, giving the guests an experience they will enjoy really lies in the hands of dedicated volunteers.
“Our volunteers are our lifeline here,” says Kristin Sabatino, manager of volunteer services. “They help us with everything from events, to monitoring the Children’s Garden, research assistance, and more. Without them, there would be no way we could offer as much programming as we do each year.”
As for Ann Schultz—what keeps her volunteering at The Morton Arboretum?
“I appreciate the flexibility available in scheduling, and employees are genuinely glad to have our help. Sometimes visitors thank us for volunteering as well!  It is clear that The Arboretum values our time and efforts and considers us vital to the continued success of their programs.”