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What Friends Love for Lunch

Here, the Arboretum's Facebook friends share their favorite dishes, from the signature Ginkgo chili to dessert.
Christine Trolia: “The vegetarian quiche. It’s to die for.”
Lyndsay Anderson Ploehn: “The chili bread bowl!”
Missy Parton Rainford: “Chicken quesadillas! That's the only way I can get my husband to go with me."
Kyrana Meg: “Homemade potato chips!”
Laura Zurawski Jarrett: “Cookies.”
Linda Kulp Edwards “The yummy salad w/chicken, gorgonzola, cranberries & walnuts.”
Bernadetta Koryciarz: “Soups, especially roasted tomatoes soup.”
Chandra M. Fraser: “The flat bread!!! Very good stuff!!!”
Nancy Good: “Cranberry and walnut and goat cheese salad. But I liked it even better with tuna on it. Love the half-salad option.”
Beatrice Cepele: “The cucumber tomato salad and the veggie pizza flat bread.”
Cindi Jovanes: “Gorgonzola, cranberry salad with chicken and the balsamic dressing!!! My daughter always loves the lunch bags for the acorn tram ride. We are never disappointed.”