What’s Your Favorite Spot?

November 1, 2012
Christian Legan: “Hard to choose just one. I tend to always head for Schulenberg Prairie, but I like hunting dragonflies with my camera along Lake Marmo, Sunfish Pond (for my heron shots) and the East Woods in fall especially.”
Jerry Richmond: “The Arb in fall is about peace and beauty! This is one of my favorite spots -- the trail beside Sterling Pond.”
Amanda Clark Reed: “The little stream up in the Children's Garden and driving through the East Woods. Couldn't pick just one!”
Gordy Kenmuir: “Probably somewhat obvious, but the morning reflections on Sterling Pond.”
Sarah Elizabeth: “Big Rock. Though it has gotten smaller since I was a kid. ”
Lisa Hagerman: “Sunfish pond is my favorite spot.”
Lyndsay Anderson Ploehn: “The spruce plot. It's so peaceful and serene to be amongst the mighty evergreens surrounded by a deciduous forest.”
Lisa Wilkins: “Lake Marmo. It reminds me of being there with my grandmother who introduced the Arb to me.”