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Telling the story of nature

“Pick an item from the cart and I’ll tell you a story,” begins Cindy Crosby, volunteer docent.
Laid out behind Cindy is an array of objects that, at first glance, don’t appear to have any rhyme or reason to them. Glow sticks sit next to a large nest, a bag of balloons, an airplane ticket, a Disney character, and more, all carefully laid out. Yet these objects have a common theme. Can you guess what it is?
Once you choose your item, Crosby weaves an unexpected tale and shares fun facts, showing you how your chosen object represents an insect, plant, or other part of nature. After just a few moments, you’re ready to go back out on your journey, equipped with a new perspective on the world around you.
“The stories are designed to help you make a deeper connection with what you’re seeing all around you as you walk or ride at the Arboretum. There’s something new for everyone to learn and appreciate,” says Mary Samerdyke, manager of interpretation.
In early September, you can find the Discovery Cart in the picnic area off of Meadow Lake. Just follow the sign that says “Change is in the air.” There, docents will share stories relating to David Rogers’ Big Bugs.
At the end of September and into October, docents will roll the cart to Tree House Tales, located northeast of Meadow Lake, and share a whole new slew of stories. The Discovery Cart times vary; call 630-968-0074 for details.