Taking Stock of Your Landscape

October 22, 2012
Think about what you liked and didn’t like and start planning for next year while this year’s garden is fresh in your mind.
Make some written notes or snap a few photos to help you remember this year’s garden when spring comes.
Were you happy with how your landscape looked? When you relaxed on the deck or patio, did you enjoy the view? Was there a focal point or something of interest to look at?
How did your garden look from indoors? Often a garden is planted tight against the house, so when you look out the window you can’t see it. For next year, think about planting where you can enjoy the view from indoors.
Do you wish you had more shade? Think about where you might plant a tree next spring or fall and begin researching species.
Was there not enough color all year? Do you have a plant that is overgrown and needs to be pruned or replaced with a more compact plant? Do you have some plant that is more trouble than it’s worth? Now is the time to compost it so you can try something new next year.
Was the drought a drag? You might make a note to purchase and lay out soaker hoses in spring to make watering easier. Or think hard about how many water-needy annuals you will plant next year.
Did you notice something in someone else’s yard that you’d like to try? Write it down so you can begin researching it over the winter.
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