April 17, 2014

LISLE, Ill. (April 16, 2014) — Each year, The Morton Arboretum’s grounds erupt with fragrant blooming flowers and woody plants.  Ed Hedborn, Manager of Plant Records, monitors and reports on the Arboretum’s blooms each week during the spring season.

For the latest bloom updates from the Arboretum, call the Bloom 'n Color Hotline at 630-719-7955.


East Side:

  • Administration Building: A Katsura tree shows swelling buds, which will turn into small red flowers. The buds that will yield yellow flowers on the Cornelian-cherry dogwood are also swelling. The American hazelnut is showing its first bloom of yellow catkins and the Japanese cornel’s small yellow flower buds are beginning to come through.  The four strap-like petals of the vernal witch-hazel are in full bloom. Daffodils have leafed out and a specially-hybridized Japanese elm is experiencing its first bloom. Firefly Pond is noisy with the calls of Chorus frogs.
  • Hedge Collection, Concert Lawn, Firefly Pond: Here visitors can find more swelling yellow flower buds on the Cornelian-cherry dogwood as well as on the Moline American Elm. A second hybridized Japanese elm is at half bloom.
  • Ground Cover Garden: Buds are swelling on a Katsura tree. The Cornelian-cherry dogwood is budding in showy clusters. Brevipetala witch-hazel is in full bloom and buds of yellow-orange flowers are swelling on the Diane hybrid witch-hazel, full yellow blooming on the vernal witch-hazel and full blooming on the red-flowered vernal witch-hazel. Buds are swelling on a number of other plants, including the Moline American elm and American elm as well as the fragrant viburnum, which displays pale pink tubular fragrant flowers when in full bloom, and the white fragrant viburnum.
  • Staff Parking Lot: The red maple’s flowers are budding, but lacking petals. Snowdrops are fully showing their white flowers, the Autumn Embers vernal witch-hazel is in full bloom, displaying yellow fragrant flowers. The February Gold daffodil is at its first bloom.   
  • Visitor Center: Freeman’s maple is budding, buds on the Cornelian-cherry dogwood are continuing to swell and Arnold Promise hybrid witch-hazel is in full bloom. The February Gold daffodil is at its first bloom.   
  • Entrance Road: The purplish catkins of a European black alder are elongating. Buds on the Cornelian-cherry dogwood are continuing to swell.  Pink flower buds of the dwarf fragrant viburnum are swelling. The small yellow flowers of the Japanese cornel are budding.  
  • Meadow Lake: Cornelian-cherry dogwood buds are swelling to yield small yellow flowers, four petals in showy clusters.
  • Diversity Collection: The red maple’s buds are swelling as is Cornelian-cherry dogwood.
  • Northern Illinois, Midwest: The catkins of the speckled alder are swelling. The catkins of the American hazelnut are in first bloom. Catkins of the blue-leaved willow and Bebb’s willow are swelling.
  • Magnolia, Crabapple Lake & Crowley Marsh: Chorus frogs are calling in Crowley Marsh.
  • Bur Reed Marsh: Chorus frogs can be heard in the Bur Reed and Spikerush Marshes. Cornelian-cherry dogwood buds are swelling.
  • Tree Breeding Nursery, Tree Evaluation Plot, Maple Collection: The small reddish flowers of the Freeman maple and the silver maple are in full bloom.
  • Bulb Meadow, Beech, Maple Collections: Chorus frogs can be heard calling in the wetland to the north of the Beech Collection.
  • China Collection: The buds of the small, pale pink tubular flowers of the fragrant viburnum are swelling.

West Side:

  • Oleaceae: The buds are swelling on the white-forsythia.
  • Europe Collection: Cornelian-cherry dogwood buds are swelling.
  • Founder’s Grove: The first bloom is open in the various colored daffodils. Buds are showing color.
  • Thornhill Parking, Joy Path & Thornhill South Lawn:  Cornelian-cherry buds are swelling as are the buds of the Japanese cornel.
  • Outpost Wild Garden: Yellow catkins of the American hazelnut are swelling.
  • Thornhill Education Center and Annex: Cornelian-cherry dogwood buds are swelling. The first bloom of the February Gold daffodil is open near the heated walkway.
  • Fragrance Garden: The yellow buttercup-like flowers of the winter aconite are in full bloom as are snowdrops.
  • Sargeants Glade: Crocus as well as snowdrops are in full bloom.  Daffodils are leafing out.
  • Lake Marmo, Indian Spring and Lower Pine Hill: The Freeman maple and silver maple are in full bloom with small reddish flowers. Cornelian-cherry dogwood buds are swelling. Skunk cabbage is displaying fleshy teardrop-shaped flowers just north and south of the bridge over Willoway Brook.
  • Dogwood Family:  Cornelian-cherry dogwood buds are swelling.
  • Daffodil Glade: Leaves are up three to six inches on the daffodils of various colors.
  • West DuPage River and Arbordale fence: Cornelian-cherry dogwood buds are swelling.
  • Alnus and Godshalk Meadow: The long, purplish brown catkins of the adlers are elongating, golden weeping willow catkins are showy with small long drooping yellow branches.


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