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Meet the Trees and Their Houses

The Bur Oak Clubhouse Hideaway has a hand-scrawled sign that’s likely to remind the “big kids” of the Little Rascals and Dennis the Menace.
The Flowering Dogwood Doghouse, a whimsical, barn-red structure, invites kids to nose around and experience the life of a pampered pooch.
Knights and little ladies can storm the Empress Tree Castle via the drawbridge entrance (watch out for the moat!) or sneak around the back and climb the ladder to rescue a fair maiden, a kinsman, or a king. A slide makes for a quick and easy getaway.
With its wood slat siding, plank porch, and rustic shingle roof, the White Oak Settler’s Cabin gives kids an authentic taste of home life on the frontier.
“Inside the life of a tree,” presented by the Silver Maple Tree House, helps children understand the interior world of a tree.
The centerpiece of the White Pine Ship is its namesake tree standing in as the ship’s mast. Kids pretend to turn the steering wheel, track marauding pirates through the spotting scope mounted on the deck and, if their parental captain commands, even walk the plank.