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Lunch & Learn: Climate Change in the Collections

Shifting climate patterns are making a difference in what trees do—but some trees more than others. What will our forests look like in the future?
Come to a Lunch & Learn session from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Thursday, January 24, and let Robert Fahey, forest ecologist at the Arboretum, take you on a tour. He will discuss which trees are showing changes in their patterns of leafing out in spring, flowering, and losing their leaves in fall. He'll share findings from the Arboretum's collections and from other botanical gardens, and explain how trees from different geographic regions may have different responses to climate.
Lunch & Learn sessions are stimulating discussions about the Arboretum, science, natural history, and other topics, held every few weeks in the scenic Hawthorn/Chestnut Room next to the Ginkgo Restaurant in the Visitor Center. The cost, including a buffet lunch, is $22 (nonmembers $29).
Future Lunch & Learn sessions include “The Trees in Your Town” on February 7, “Linnaeus at Lunch” on February 21, “Women of the Arboretum” on March 7, and “New Trees from the Arboretum” on March 21.