Learn More about China and Climate Science

January 2, 2013
Learn more about how plants from China have entered our gardens and how plants are responding to climate change. Here are some book recommendations from Rita Hassert, library collections manager in the Sterling Morton Library:
  • China, Mother of Gardens by Ernest Henry Wilson (1929)
  • Plantsman's Paradise : Travels in China by Roy Lancaster (2008)
  • Gardens in China by Peter Valder (2002)
  • Gifts from the Gardens of China : The Introduction of Traditional Chinese Garden Plants to Britain 1698-1862 by Jane Kilpatrick (2007)
  • Flora of China (Ongoing publication)
  • The Climate Conscious Gardener (2010)
  • Climate Change, Ecology and Systematics (2011)
  • The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge by Joanna Cole (2010) - Ms. Frizzle takes her kids on a whirlwind tour, from the Arctic to the equator so they can see telltale signs of climate change.
  • Plants and Climate Change: Which Future? (2008)
  • Plants at the Margin: Ecological Limits and Climate Change by R.M.M. Crawford (2008)