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It’s Time for the Gnome Hunt

Animals may be snug in their dens but gnomes are still house-hunting. Can you find them?

There’s much to discover in the Children’s Garden this winter. You might find a friendly gnome named Joy.
Joy was a little lost gnome,
Searching and searching for a home!
The house-hunting gnome tries out a number of possibilities. Since Joy is a little bit magical, he or his friends might be in more than one place, to be spotted by sharp-eyed gnome hunters. Follow the poems to work out where he finds the perfect home.
The annual Gnome Hunt, which runs through the end of February, encourages kids and their parents to explore the Children’s Garden in winter, says Krista Phelps, Children’s Garden coordinator. Start at the sign by the garden’s entrance any time the Children’s Garden is open, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. until February.  It’s free with Arboretum admission.
Finding 15 gnomes will require searching all over the garden and peeking in a wide variety of potential gnome habitats, which happen to reflect the kinds of places where wildlife can be found at the Arboretum.
Smaller children may be happy finding two or three gnomes, Phelps says, but “some kids are dead set on finding every last gnome.” Stumped? A cheat sheet that gives hints is available back at the start.
Here’s a hint: Joy isn’t likely to be found at ground level.