How to read a plant label

An Accolade Elm with the tree label
July 22, 2014

The Arboretum grounds are divided into quadrants (download The Morton Arboretum Plant Collections map (PDF). Letters indicate the grid lines running from south to north, while numbers indicate those from west to east. To find a plant on the grounds, first consult the plant collections catalog for its scientific name and grid locations. Plant locations are designated by their distance north and east of the points where the grid lines intersect. For example, the Mongolian Oak below is located 58 feet north and 00 feet east of M-97.

The Morton Arboretum Plant Collections map

Each accessioned plant has a small metal tag attached on its south side. These labels include the plant's name, location, and accession number. A typical label looks like this:

A plant label for Mongolian Oak