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Get your tickets for Illumination

Illumination: tree lights at The Morton Arboretum
The Morton Arboretum and top lighting designers are hard at work setting the stage for Illumination: Tree Lights at the Morton Arboretum, opening on November 22. Tickets are on sale now for the Arboretum’s first lights event, which will offer an experience unlike any other in the area, showcasing the beauty of the Arboretum’s trees with dazzling projections, trees that respond to touch and sound, and vivid, electric colors throughout.

Combining cutting-edge light technology with the wooded landscape of the Arboretum, Illumination is not your typical light show. The first event of its kind in the Chicago area, Illumination takes visitors on a mile-long, paved walking trail winding around the Arboretum’s Meadow Lake and down its Conifer Walk, with surprising light experiences around every turn. Illumination will bring the Arboretum’s trees to life, letting visitors interact with nature in a way never before possible in Chicagoland.

At Illumination, visitors can:

  • Hug a tree to make it grow brighter.
  • Sing to a tree and make it change color.
  • Interact with light and color with a swipe of your hand.

“Illumination will be a spectacular lighting exhibition, showcasing the Arboretum’s trees with state of the art technology, vibrant colors, and interactive elements that reveal the awe-inspiring beauty and form of trees in winter,” said Dr. Gerard T. Donnelly, President and CEO of The Morton Arboretum.  “It offers a whole new way to see, enjoy and appreciate trees at this magical time of year, especially after dark.”

Events such as Illumination help us further our mission of caring for and conserving trees. Get your tickets at mortonarb.org/illumination.