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Favorite places, special memories

What memories do you have of favorite places at the Arboretum? Can you recall a still and magical morning by Bur Reed Marsh? Have you ever lost yourself in the tall grasses of the Schulenberg Prairie? Did you find solace in the shade of a great tree?

We asked our Facebook and Twitter communities for their special places and memories. Here’s what they shared:

  • “My now husband proposed to me at the Arboretum after we shared a picnic lunch. He even had my sister there taking photos!” —Lauren W.

  • “I grew up in Glen Ellyn, and the Arboretum was my favorite place to go with my family. I have many fond memories of hiking to what seemed at the time to be a huge river with a concrete dam. Things look so big to a little person. And I still remember maple sugaring in the winter on a field trip from Arbor View Elementary. Although it has been over 30 years since I've visited, The Morton Arboretum remains one of my favorite, and most memorable, places.” —Susan M.

  • “After open heart surgery several years ago, I was feeling depressed. So my wife brought me to the Arboretum, and even though I didn't walk around, I still got that peaceful calm feeling while riding through in the car. It always is uplifting somehow, and I needed it the most at that time. I wonder how many have felt the healing power in nature at the Arboretum.” —Bob C.

  • “We have spent many an hour at the ‘Froggie Pond’ in the Children's Garden. I always know that they will get wet, no matter the temp or the clothing, but watching my three kids (now 13, 10 & 7) exploring nature together with excitement, wonder, and laughter rather than delve into the newest video craze has been priceless!” —Jennifer J.

  • “In the spring of 1984, about 7 months pregnant with my daughter, going to the Arboretum with my sweet mother-in-law and my 4 year old daughter watching her smell all the beautiful daffodils, just so wonderful! Then going to the little restaurant having lunch and my mother-in-law buying me a vase from the gift shop that I still have! About 18 years later having a little picnic lunch for one of the last times with my mother-in-law at one of your picnic tables. She and her wonderful son introduced me to the Arboretum around 1974! My husband died in 1982 and my beautiful mother-in-law died in 2011. Both taught me the beauty of The Morton Arboretum, love it even more now!” —Linda S.

  • “I don't remember exactly where I was, but I hiked alone until I was near a little bridge with tons of oak trees. It was late September and I remember being hit with something. It was an acorn. I quickly realized that they were coming down all around me. It was raining acorns and I couldn't bring myself to leave that spot or to stop smiling! It was one of the most magical things I'd ever experienced and solidified my wonder and awe of nature.” —Melissa S.

  • “My old high school friends and I walk the 5K once a month, nine months out of the year at 7 a.m. on the weekends. Our walk is a great way to reconnect and get into shape. I love The Morton Arboretum.” —Elizabeth W.

  • “When I was little my dad would take my picture all over the Arboretum. One time it was in really tall flowers, maybe purple daisies. Another time it was on a bridge so far out I don't even know if there is a path there anymore! I took my mom and dad's picture there too! He enlarged them and they are still up on the wall at my mom's house.” —Jennifer M.

  • “I learned how to drive through the winding roads of the beauty of the Arboretum...where I drove through the azaleas with my grandmother and my father, where my uncle learned his love of hydrangeas and other garden delights. Sigh, such beauty.” —Julie Kornfeind

  • “When I was a kid my dad took us to the Arboretum all the time. We had many peanut butter & jelly sandwiches under the pine trees by the lake. He also took us to a place that no longer exists... the overlook. I only remember vaguely... there was a guardrail and a big hill sloping down. We saw deer there. I also spent a lot of time in the Arb with an old friend. We hiked and spent many days photographing. My favorite memory is when he had just gotten out of the service, and we spent an autumn day there just walking and talking and catching up. I can still smell the trees from that day.” —Carolyn D.

  • “When my husband proposed during a walk on the east side of the park and when we were married outside of the Thornhill Visitors Center.” —Michelle A.

  • “Having a blue heron fly within a few feet of me....it was so close I could have nearly touched it if I stretched out my arm.” —Tammie W.

  • “There is nothing like the Spruce Plot. It is like a cathedral of spruce trees. The smell is magnificent. I sit there and just drink it in with all of my senses. It is beautiful in any season.” —Annemarie A.

  • “I worked at the Arb for four summers. I cleaned up and mowed the cemetery. I would talk to the brothers and thank them for all they did for the world. Arbor Day is now world wide. I felt a special connection, at peace when I was there.” —Richard H.

  • “I was running today, and I saw a big orange monarch flutter by on the east side. I also saw a cute yellow finch fly by in the prairie area. These little things are what make me love the Arb!” —Tiffany P.

  • “Riding the moonlit tram while listening to ‘Blue Moon’ over the speaker. Something I'll always remember.” —@MaryKubica

  • “My favorite spot is the Spruce Plot. There is just something magical about it when you walk along those trees.” —Bree L.