Fall Color Report: September 22-28, 2017

A colorful maple tree with orange and yellow leaves
Maples are turning now at The Morton Arboretum.
September 22, 2017

Trees are changing color very early in our area because of continuing heat and drought. The color is developing fast, and how long it will last depends on the weather.

The best areas to view fall color at The Morton Arboretum this week are the Maple and China collections, the East Woods, and the Schulenberg Prairie. Although some plants, such as sumacs, buckeyes, and Virginia creeper, are turning color at their normal times, others are changing much earlier than normal. Trees changing early include redbud, white ash, black walnut, Freeman maple, coffeetree, corktrees, honey locust, witch-hazel, tree lilacs, katsura, zelkova, and pawpaw. There are even hints of orange in the tops of sugar maples, which normally don't change until mid-October. Among flowers, fall asters are still blooming in the East Woods.