Celebrate the Season, Make Memories

September 19, 2012
Autumn is one of our favorite seasons at The Morton Arboretum. Here’s what you told us you treasure most from your visits here:
“Colorful leaves, great weather to bike, and for some reason it brings me back to my childhood,” Noe A.
“The wonderful colors of the leaves; the crisp, brisk weather and listening to the crackles and crunches of the leaves under my feet,” Lisa S.
“Love the Arb. The Freeman maples turning the bright red is the best. Love them so much, we purchased one and planted it in our backyard three years ago,” Michael M.
“We bring our group of residents to enjoy fall, “Senior Home Sharing Inc.
“All those awesome scarecrows,” Jen K.
“The colors, especially when it's still warm. The quiet, foggy mornings as the sun burns through the mist are also nice,” Christian L.
“It’s the most beautiful place in Illinois on a colorful fall day... A relaxing drive,” Pam D.
“The color of the leaves!!! I'll be there Sunday,” Sergio C.
“Vibrant colors mixed with crisp cool air makes for enjoyable walks on the trails,” Linda Z.