April 29, 2014

LISLE, Ill. (April 29, 2014) — Each spring, trees, shrubs, bulbs and wildflowers bloom throughout the The Morton Arboretum’s 1,700 acres.  Ed Hedborn, Manager of Plant Records, reports on what’s blooming each week throughout the season.

Parking lots listed are along the Arboretum’s paved roads; some locations are within a short walk of the parking lots along paved or mulched trails. Take a springtime stroll and enjoy all the spectacle of spring at the Arboretum.

For the latest updates on what’s blooming at the Arboretum, call the Bloom 'n Color Hotline at 630-719-7955.


East Side Main Route

Entrance Road: The white-forsythia’s white flowers and the yellow flowers of  Cornelian-cherry dogwood and Sunrise forsythia are in bloom. Goose Green narcissus has white-and-orange flowers while Las Vegas and Pistachio varieties are pale yellow. Dwarf fragrant viburnum’s pink flowers are in full bloom and Bowles common periwinkle is opening its lavender flowers.

Visitor Center (Parking Lot 1): White-forsythia, fragrant cream-and-white winter honeysuckle and the white Ballerina Loebner’s magnolia are blooming. The showy yellow flowers of Meadowlark, Northern Gold, and Sunrise forsythia are blooming in shades from gold to pale yellow. Hellebores are in flower, from the dark maroon of Blue Lady to the pink of Pink Lady garden hellebore and the white of Lenten-rose. The blue flowers of Virginia bluebells are just opening from their pink buds. White flowers are blooming on Green Carpet Japanese pachysandra and Sissinghurst White common lungwort.

Ground Cover Garden (Parking Lot 1): Among the blooms along the ground are white trout lily, yellow narcissus, blue Virginia bluebells, white Allegheny pachysandra, Japanese pachysandra, Green Sheen Japanese pachysandra, Kingwood Japanese pachysandra, and blue Siberian squill. Golden Sunrise hellebore (Winter Jewels™ series) has yellow flowers, Christmas-rose has white nodding flowers, and Lenten-rose has flowers of dark magenta. Blooms are open on blue and purple common periwinkle, a white variety and blue Ralph Shugert and Sterling Silver periwinkle. Northern Gold forsythia and Kumson Korean forsythia are in full yellow bloom. White Merrill Loebner’s magnolia is blooming with white flowers. Fragrant viburnum’s small pale pink tubular flowers are in full bloom, as are the flowers of the white variety nearby.

Hedge Collection (Parking Lot 1): The Cornelian-cherry dogwood’s yellow flowers and the yellow flowers of the Meadowlark forsythia are in full bloom.

Administration & Research Center and Sterling Morton Library (Parking Lot 1): American hazelnut and winter honeysuckle are blooming with cream and white fragrant flowers. The blue flowers of Virginia bluebells are opening from their pink buds. Narcissus varieties in bloom include pale yellow Fortissimo, creamy white and yellow Fragrant Rose, white Ice follies, and yellow Marieke, Pimpernel, and Yellow Cheerfulness.  White flower clusters are blooming on the Green Carpet Japanese pachysandra, along with the dark blue flowers of squill and the lavender flowers of periwinkle. White-forsythia is in full bloom along with the yellow Golden Times border forsythia.

Rare Plants (Parking Lot 2): The pale yellow flowers of the leatherwood are in full bloom. It’s first bloom for the lakeside daisy and the common periwinkle.

Rhododendrons and Azaleas and Woodland Garden (Parking Lot 2): The white urn-shaped flowers of the leatherleaf have opened. Find first bloom on the lavender Dahurian rhododendron, white Madison Snow Dahurian rhododendron, and pink Cornell Pink Korean azalea.

Honeysuckles & Viburnums (Parking Lot 2):  The winter honeysuckle’s white flowers are in first bloom. The fragrant viburnum’s white flowers are in full bloom as are the white fragrant viburnum and the pink flowers of the dwarf fragrant viburnum.

Northern Illinois and Midwest Collection (Parking Lot 2): Leatherwood has pale-yellow flowers and blue-leaved willow has fuzzy pussy-willow catkins. Spicebush is blooming yellow, as is Tahiti narcissus.  

Frost Hill (Parking Lot 3): The Northern Japanese magnolia and Merrill Loebner’s magnolia have white blooms. The buds of the purple and white saucer magnolia are just opening.

Rose family (Parking Lot 4): Orange flowers have opened on Japanese flowering quince.

Magnolias & Relatives, Crabapple Lake and Crowley Marsh (Parking Lot 5): Spicebush has opened its pale greenish-yellow flowers.  The Northern Japanese magnolia, Proctor’s magnolia, and Wada’s Memory Japanese magnolia, and anise magnolia have white blooms, while the Pink Star magnolia has pink ones and the Elizabeth magnolia has yellow ones. Among the blooming narcissus are the dounle white and orange Flower Parade, the white and pale yellow Las Vegas, and the double yellow Tahiti. Listen for the chorus frogs and spring peepers calling in nearby Crowley Marsh, Bur Reed Marsh, and Spikerush Marsh.

Korea (Parking Lot 5): The white-forsythia’s white flowers and the early forsythia’s yellow flowers are in full bloom.

Buckeyes (Parking Lot 6): Look along the ground for tiny, delicate pink spring beauty wildflowers.

Bur Reed Marsh (Parking Lot 6): Look along the ground for tiny, delicate pink spring beauty wildflowers. The small yellow flowers of Cornelian-cherry dogwood are in full bloom. Listen for the chorus frogs and spring peepers in the marsh.

Maples (Parking Lot 7): The white flowers of northern Japanese magnolia and anise magnolia are in full bloom.

East Woods (Parking Lots 9 to 12): Many wildflowers are in bloom, including toothwort, spring beauty, Dutchman’s breeches, eastern false rue anemone, white trout-lily, yellow trout-lily, hepatica, Virginia bluebells, bloodroot and rue anemone. The dangling flower catkins of ironwood are just opening.

Bulb Meadow (Parking Lot 14): Many varieties of narcissus are in full bloom, including yellow-and-orange Jetfire, yellow-and-white Pipit, and orange-yellow Quail. Among them is blue squill.

Appalachia (Parking Lot 16): Delicate pink spring beauty is scattered along the ground. Spicebush is blooming in pale green-yellow. Barrett Browning and Brackenhurst narcissus are in flower, as well as Korean rhododendron, with its lavender flowers.

China (Parking Lot 17): Look for the white flowers of Yulan magnolia and fragrant viburnum. Nearby the purple-red blooms of Korean rhododendron are just opening.

Japan (Parking Lot 18): Northern Japanese magnolia and star magnolia have white blooms. Listen for the chorus frogs and spring peepers calling in Japanese Slough.

Elms & Relatives (Parking Lot 18): The leaves are up to three inches on the grape-hyacinth. The yellow Delibes narcissus with orange fringe is in its first bloom. The small greenish wind-pollinated flowers of the Elms are full and past bloom.

West Side Main Route

Olive Family (Parking Lot 19): The white-forsythia’s white flowers are in full bloom, along with the yellow flowers of Meadowlark forsythia, early fosythia and Fortune’s forsythia. A star magnolia has pink flowers.

Lake Japomaca and Ozarks (Parking Lot 19): Spicebush has pale greenish-yellow flowers.

Flowering Trees and Europe (Parking Lot 19): Apple and pear trees are blooming, along with Delnashaugh and Mount Hood narcissus.

Founder's Grove (Parking Lot 20): Yellow narcissus are in bloom.

Thornhill Education Center Parking Lot (Parking Lot 21): Among the trees and shrubs in bloom in the parking lot are pink-flowered white-forsythia; Windy City hackberry, with small green flowers; Golden Glory Cornelian-cherry, with small yellow flowers; and Royal Star magnolia with white flowers. Fragrant Rose narcissus is white and reddish-orange.

Thornhill Outpost Wild Garden (Parking Lot 21): Among the wildflowers in bloom are toothwort, Dutchman’s breeches, white trout-lily, yellow trout-lily, eastern false rue anemone, false mermaid, twinleaf, Virginia bluebells, and bloodroot. Ironwood’s catkins are just opening and blue squill also is blooming.

Four Seasons Garden (Parking Lot 21): Sunshine Strain hellebore has white to maroon flowers and Ice Follies narcissus has white blooms.

Thornhill Education Center and Thornhill Annex (Parking Lot 21): Golden Glory Cornelian-cherry, leatherwood, and Sandra vernal witch-hazel all have yellow flowers. Along the ground, Allegheny pachysandra has white flower clusters, squill has blue flowers, and Bowles common periwinkle has blue flowers.

Fragrance Garden (Parking Lot 21): White-forsythia, white-flowering  winter honeysuckle,  and Autumn Embers vernal witch-hazel, with its pale yellow flowers, are in full bloom. Star magnolia and weeping cherry have white blooms. Lenten-rose has dark magenta blooms, Japanese pachysandra has white flower clusters and scilla has blue bells.

Joy Path and Thornhill South Lawn (Parking Lot 21): Along the path, find small red blooms on katsura tree and creamy white ones on winter honeysuckle. Northern Japanese magnolia and Merrill Loebner’s magnolia have white flowers, while pink star magnolia has pink ones. Alleghany pachysandra, with white flower clusters, blooms beneath the trees with yellow narcissus and blue squill.

Daffodil Glade (Parking Lots 22 and 23): Narcissus are blooming in many colors and combinations from white to yellow to orange. Among them are blue squill and many wildflowers, including toothwort, spring beauty, white trout-lily, and Virginia bluebells.

Pine Hill (Parking Lot 24): Wildflowers in bloom include toothwort, spring beauty, white trout-lily, Virginia bluebells, and bloodroot. You’ll also find yellow narcissus and blue squill.

Alders and Godshalk Meadow (Parking Lot 33): On the golden weeping willow, the flowers dangle as catkins.

West Side Alternate Route

Sargent’s Glade (Parking Lot 26): Among the wildflowers in bloom are toothwort, white trout-lily, and Virginia bluebells. Narcissus in various shades of yellow and white are in bloom along with blue scilla.

Lake Marmo and Pine Hill (Parking Lot 28): Wildflowers in bloom include toothwort, white trout-lily, Virginia bluebells, and skunk cabbage  (just south of the bridge over Willoway Brook).

Flowering Trees and Magnolias (Parking Lot 19): White-blooming magnolias include Lufer anise magnolia, northern Japanese magnolia, Morris Fragrant Japanese Magnolia, Merrill Loebner’s magnolia, anise magnolia, star magnolias, and Green Star Magnolia. Rohrbach star magnolia has white and pale pink flowers. Beneath the trees you will find blue squill.