Arboretum arborists take home top spots in tree climbing competition

Arborist winners
The Morton Arboretum's arborists on the right took home first and third place.
September 29, 2015

Congratulations to The Morton Arboretum's arborists Beau Nagan and Brandon Dobnick who took home first and third place overall in the Illinois Arborist Association Tree Climbing Competition Master's Challenge.  

Held on the Arboretums grounds on September 26, this competition brought men and women climbers from throughout the state to showcase their ability to quickly, professionally, and safely maneuver in trees while performing work-related tree care tasks. Tree climbing competitions are designed to simulate working conditions of arborists in the field. 

The day included such competitions as an aerial rescue event, in which a contestant must climb to and safely lower a person who is unable to descend without assistance while timed for speed and a work climb event that tested the contestant’s ability to move about the tree in a harness, and while suspended, visit five spots to perform various tree care tasks.

Having secured first place, Beau will advance to the national competition in San Antonio, Texas in April 2016.