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Help Your Community Help Trees

The Community Trees Program supports towns, parks, school districts, community groups, and individuals in caring for the urban forest.

Prime Time for Pruning

Late winter is an excellent time to prune shrubs and trees, while they are safely dormant.

Dormant Pruning Tips

Kunso Kim, head of collections and curator, suggests you consider these different approaches.
Selective pruning: To shape the shrub or control its size somewhat, go branch by branch, choosing the branches you want to keep and removing those that are too long, superfluous or causing a tangle. Using sharp, clean pruners, prune just above the place where one stem branches off from another; don’t cut in the middle of a branch between joints, which will cause bristly, unsightly growth.

Bringing Bloom Indoors

Force branches of flowering shrubs indoors for an early shot of spring bloom.

Maples at The Morton Arboretum

Maples are one of the most prominent trees in any Midwestern landscape, certainly on our grounds here at The Morton Arboretum.

A Special New Sugar Maple

The new Crescendo sugar maple from Chicagoland Grows® could make an excellent replacement for ash trees lost to emerald ash borer.

Learn More about China and Climate Science

Learn more about how plants from China have entered our gardens and how plants are responding to climate change.

5 Outdoor Exercising Tips

Never mind the cold: Arb staff offer five tips for the best winter workout clothes designed to make outdoor exercise as comfortable as possible.

Best Winter Hikes

Stressed and looking for a prescription for tranquility? Consider a long quiet walk through the woods.

Cutting Your Own Tree

A family-fun trip to the tree farm goes best with this advice.