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The Stories Behind the Tributes

As you explore the Arboretum, have you ever paused in front of a tribute marker and wondered at the story behind that tree, bench, brick, or book?

Why Arbor Day?

How one tree lover changed the world through planting trees.

Best Spring Hikes

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Arboretum’s spring landscape with these wonderful walks.

Stewards of the Woods

It takes a special kind of dedication to become a Woodland Steward.

Delightful and Durable

The show-stopping bloom on new hydrangea shrubs in the Members’ Exclusive Plant Sale Catalog can’t be shut down even by harsh Chicago winters.

The History of the Sterling Morton Library

A library has been an important feature of the Arboretum since its beginning.

Help Your Community Help Trees

The Community Trees Program supports towns, parks, school districts, community groups, and individuals in caring for the urban forest.

Prime Time for Pruning

Late winter is an excellent time to prune shrubs and trees, while they are safely dormant.

Dormant Pruning Tips

Kunso Kim, head of collections and curator, suggests you consider these different approaches.
Selective pruning: To shape the shrub or control its size somewhat, go branch by branch, choosing the branches you want to keep and removing those that are too long, superfluous or causing a tangle. Using sharp, clean pruners, prune just above the place where one stem branches off from another; don’t cut in the middle of a branch between joints, which will cause bristly, unsightly growth.

Bringing Bloom Indoors

Force branches of flowering shrubs indoors for an early shot of spring bloom.