Taking Stock of Your Landscape

Now, at the end of the growing season, is the best opportunity to assess your garden and plan ahead as you do your last garden chores.

Sunday Afternoons at the Arb

Enjoy the melody of nature at the Sunday afternoon chamber concert series. It’s just one of the ways the arts are part of the Arboretum experience.

Why These Trees?

Tree House Tales features great stories, and yes, lots of history.

Staying Grounded

Aren’t tree houses supposed to be in trees?

Meet the Trees and Their Houses

Every tree has a story. Learn about the history of the tree behind each of our tree houses.

The Gift of Stories From Trees

The story of the trees is calling you to the Arboretum this fall. At our Tree House Tales exhibition, you and your family can explore the Bur Oak Clubhouse, the Empress Tree Castle, and more. Each tree house is built near the tree it represents and provides clues about its identity and story.

Full Lineup of Fall Events

Celebrate the cool crisp weather and changing of the seasons in nature.

Celebration of Fall Foodstuffs

Beautiful colors and bountiful flavors help you savor this delicious season.

Inspiring Family Fun

Adventure for the whole family. Here’s how to enjoy autumn at The Morton Arboretum.

The Morton Arboretum in Living Color

The Morton Arboretum celebrates autumn like no other place in the Chicago area, with brilliant fall color in trees from around the world. Bring the whole family to soak in the cool, crisp weather and the changing of the seasons in nature at the annual Fall Color Festival through October 28.