Gifts for a gardener

Drop by The Arboretum Store at The Morton Arboretum to find a distinctive, inspiring, or useful gift for your favorite gardener for the 2015 holiday season.

The Arboretum embarks on a project to renew the DuPage River

Visitors to The Morton Arboretum in November and December will likely start to see something that has been hidden for years: the banks of the DuPage River.

Arboretum arborists take home top spots in tree climbing competition

Congratulations to The Morton Arboretum's arborists Beau Nagan and Brandon Dobnick who took home first and third place overall in the Illinois Arborist Association Tree Climbing Competition Master's Challenge.

Winners announced in the Brick by Brick Photo Contest

Dozens of LEGO® enthusiasts shared their wonderful nature-inspired LEGO brick masterpieces with us in our Brick by Brick Photo Contest.

The mysteries of fall color revealed

All across The Morton Arboretum in the fall, trees are changing color. Some trees light up the hillsides like red flames. In other places, a walk in the woods surround you with gold. Why do leaves change color before they fall in autumn? And why do they turn different colors?

Consider your yard's trees when planting bulbs this fall

When you’re planting bulbs this fall for spring color, consider the trees. Certain bulbs make better companions for trees than others, according to Doris Taylor, plant clinic manager at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle.

Five shrubs to plant in fall

September is a fine time to plant trees and shrubs and to divide perennials, according to The Morton Arboretum’s Plant Clinic.

The journey of 13-larger-than-life LEGO® brick sculptures

How does someone move a Galapagos tortoise built from more than 23,000 LEGO® bricks and measuring more than five feet long to an island surrounded by pond water? Very carefully and with the help of some friends, as it turns out.

Treekeepers help local community in the wake of emerald ash borer

Hopeful young oaks and hackberries are taking root in the Lincoln Hill subdivision in unincorporated Milton Township south of Glen Ellyn. They’re a sign of progress, made with help from The Morton Arboretum, toward recovery from the scourge of the emerald ash borer.

Chef Danny Ovanin talks about new items on The Ginkgo Restaurant menu

The Ginkgo Restaurant has some new dishes in store for hungry visitors. The Arboretum's Executive Chef Danny Ovanin shares his thoughts on what to expect from many of the new menu offerings.