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Bloom and Color Report

Take a springtime stroll and enjoy all the spectacle of spring at the Arboretum.
See what's blooming at the Arboretum.
Our Daffodil Glade is beginning to bloom.
The large fall color display is over, but there are still colorful vignettes to be found that are worth a drive through the collections and natural areas.
Fall colors are still showing yellow in our East Woods, with sugar maples mostly yellow to yellow-orange.
Fall colors are spectacular in our East Woods and tree collections and around Lake Marmo and Sterling Pond.
The continued bright sunny days and cool nights have led to greater fall color.
The bright sunny days and cool nights of the past week have helped fall color develop in the trees of the Arboretum’s collections and natural areas.
Warm, bright sunny days and cool nights will encourage more trees’ leaves to change over the coming weeks.
Each spring, trees, shrubs, bulbs and wildflowers bloom throughout the The Morton Arboretum’s 1,700 acres.