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As far as our garden plants are concerned, some winter weather is frightful. Some is just fine. And sometimes it’s what we do, or don’t do, that makes the difference.
Helping cities and suburbs plant and care for trees around the world, from the western suburbs to Shanghai, China, is a priority for The Morton Arboretum.
The Arboretum Store is stocked with great gifts for all ages. Stop in and look around for home decor, apparel, jewelry, books, toys and games, and much more. Here are some of our top picks to give this season.
The earth movers are gone. Now, it’s time for plants.
A new initiative, spearheaded by the Sterling Morton Library staff, allows the public unprecedented online access to these collections.
It’s time to start the process of raking and bagging leaves, or hire someone to do “fall cleanup” to make the yard tidy.
What’s the big buzz in gardens today? Planting for pollinators—the bees, butterflies, moths, and other creatures that spread pollen from bloom to bloom.
The flavors of fine wine aren’t just the province of vineyards.
When a tree has been removed, it may seem obvious to plant a new one in the same place.
Want to do a little less work in the garden? Reconsider how much you fertilize.