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A volunteer speaking to a visitor in front of the Visitor Center
The Arboretum’s landscape is a living laboratory, a sanctuary, a cathedral of trees. We expand Joy Morton’s founding vision through the efforts of over 1,000 volunteers. Become a volunteer of The Morton Arboretum and be a champion of trees.

Benefits of volunteering

Becoming a valued volunteer at The Morton Arboretum has its benefits, including a 20% discount on adult classes. LEARN MORE  

Current volunteer opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer at The Morton Arboretum are published regularly online. learn more  

Volunteer options at the Arboretum are divided into categories to make it easy to select the best area for you to make a contribution. See if you don’t agree: horticulture, monitoring, natural areas, research, special events, visitor services, and other areas. LEARN MORE

Woodland Stewardship video

Learn how volunteer woodland stewards are restoring 60 acres of the Arboretum's East Woods.