A volunteer speaking to a visitor in front of the Visitor Center
The Arboretum’s landscape is a living laboratory, a sanctuary, a cathedral of trees. We expand Joy Morton’s founding vision through the efforts of over 1,000 volunteers. Become a volunteer of The Morton Arboretum and be a champion of trees.

Benefits of volunteering

Becoming a valued volunteer at The Morton Arboretum has its benefits, including a 20% discount on adult classes. LEARN MORE  

Current volunteer opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer at The Morton Arboretum are published regularly online. learn more  

  • Volunteer options

Volunteer options at the Arboretum are divided into categories to make it easy to select the best area for you to make a contribution. See if you don’t agree: horticulture, monitoring, natural areas, research, special events, visitor services, and other areas. LEARN MORE


Woodland Stewardship

At The Morton Arboretum and beyond, volunteer stewards are making a difference one community at a time. Learn about some of the typical activities of natural areas volunteers and how this work deepens our connection to the nature and to each other.