Tribute gifts


Tribute gifts are a unique way to recognize family, special friends, or business colleagues. Celebrate a special occasion - a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or retirement - or remember a loved one with an enduring tribute gift. Your gift makes a lasting contribution to The Morton Arboretum, ensuring a greener future. We offer Tribute trees, benches, two sizes of brick pavers, library books, and customized dedications. Click here to contribute to a Tribute dedication. If you are interested in making a dedication of a tree, bench, or brick, please contact the Development Office at at 630-725-2027 so we may provide the best service possible to meet your unique need. 


Tribute tree
Tribute trees

Dedicate a tree in honor or memory of someone special. Choose from a list of existing trees that the Arboretum makes available for dedication. Tribute trees vary in species and location on the grounds. All Tribute trees are marked with engraved tree tags, stating that the tree stands in honor or memory of a special friend or family member. Tribute gift donors of $1,500 or more receive a complimentary one-year Morton 4 membership.

  • Tree located in Central Landscape: $2,500
  • Tree located in Living Collections:   $1,500

The intent of The Morton Arboretum is to maintain Tribute trees for their full life span. However, tree longevity varies with the species and environmental conditions. The Morton Arboretum will replace failed trees up to ten years after a dedication.



Tribute bench
Tribute benches

A Tribute bench is a wonderful way to honor a special friend or family member. Our Tribute benches complement garden settings and trail walkways and create an opportunity for visitors to sit and enjoy the surrounding beauty. An engraved name-plate dedicates a specific bench in honor of your friend or family member. Tribute gift donors of $1,500 or more receive a complimentary one-year Morton 4 membership.

  • Bench located in Central Landscape:  $5,000
  • Bench located in Living Collections:    $3,000






Tribute brick

Tribute bricks

Dedicate a Tribute brick to commemorate a special person or life event. Bricks are installed in the Tribute Walkway in the forecourt of the Visitor Center. Sheltered by an ivy covered sugar maple and a stately London plane tree, the bronze-colored tribute bricks are located on the south side of the entrance circle - a prominent place near the main entrance to the Arboretum. Tribute bricks are placed twice a year, spring and fall.

  • Walkway Brick 8" X 8"
    $500 (4 lines of personalization)
  • Walkway Brick 4" X 8"
    $250 (2 lines of personalization)



Tribute books

Tribute book

Dedicate a new book in The Sterling Morton Library with a personalized bookplate. Arboretum librarians can accommodate requests for book topics or they will select books that are important to the Library's significant collections. The collections of The Sterling Morton Library are devoted to the literature of botany and horticulture, and they also include botanical art, natural history, and children's books. The bookplates feature a woodcut print of a hawthorn branch, along with the name of the person being remembered.
  • Library Book Dedication: $250






Customized tributes

Customized tribute

The Arboretum is fortunate to have 1,700 acres of natural areas for donors, members, visitors, and guests to enjoy. We host 16 miles of hiking trails and 9 miles of scenic roadways. Beautifully crafted bridges are sited in picturesque settings along well-planned, meticulously groomed walking trails. A gift of a walking trail or tribute bridge is a once-in-a-lifetime gift for that special friend or loved one. Dedicated bridges will be labeled with an engraved nameplate. Walking trails will be designated with a trail marker. Customized tributes are available at a starting gift of $10,000. For more information, please contact the Development Office at 630-725-2027. To learn more about available customizable tribute gifts, view The Morton Arboretum Bridges